Bottled Water Tap Water

Both are
Killing Us

Take 3 minutes to watch this trailer for the movie “Tapped”. I guarantee you will be amazed at what big bottled water companies are doing this country and to YOU!

Bottled Water

40% of all major water brands use city tap water as their source.

It is a well documented fact that 40% of all major bottled water brands use city tap water for their water source. Desani made by Coca Cola, Aquafina made by Pepsi and Poland Springs made by Nestle have all been found to contain many of the same toxins found in tap water. Recently a law was passed making the big bottled water brands state on their labels, where their water is sourced.

Most major bottled water brands tested were found to contain contaminants.

There are no laws requiring the testing of the quality of bottled water. There are countless examples of deadly contaminants in many of Americas major water brands. In one survey conducted by the EWG , ten randomly picked major bottled water brands purchased from grocery stores across 9 states were tested and found to contain 38 chemical pollutants altogether with an average of eight in each brand. Four brands also contained high levels of bacteria. According to the FDA bottled water is not safer than tap water. The industry has been ordered to refrain from making that statement. The Desani water brand was entirely re-called in the UK due to high levels of a cancer causing chemical called bromate. Desani have yet to re launch their brand in the UK. Perrier, thought to be the personification of purity from the French Alps was re-called after huge quantities of benzene, a known cancer causing chemical, were found in all samples tested. Very few brands have been found free of any contaminants and for this we pay eight times more than gasolene!

In one Bottled water brand, The chemical used in lethal injections to kill prisoners was found in high quantities.

Coca Cola’s “Desani ” water brand was found to contain high levels of potassium chloride, the same chemical given to death row inmates in their lethal injections to kill them! This was not some accidental contamination. When asked about it, Kim Price, Desani’s spokesperson explained that her company ADDED this to their water brand claiming that this is what gives it it’s clear crisp taste!

The plastic bottles that contain the water leach toxins that Kill.

Independent researchers have concluded that Plastic water bottles leach many different toxins all of which are capable of causing cancer and other deadly diseases. Most people are probably already aware of BPA or bisphenol A. BPA is an endocrine disruptor causing mammary cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. It has gained a lot of attention lately since baby bottles were found to contain a high level of this toxin. Of the many different plastic suppliers in the world providing plastic resin to bottle makers, NONE are required to list the plastics ingredients as this is their own proprietary blend that makes their plastic better than the competitions. So in the pursuit of creating the perfect plastic for bottled water many of these Mega corporations are mixing highly toxic materials in with their plastic to create new properties. Even the bottlers of these waters don’t know, nor do they care what’s in the plastic.

The plastic bottles we use today only come back later to further poison us and our children.

The very creation of plastic bottles at refineries cause tons of dioxins to be released into the air that we breath. But wait, it gets better. After drinking our polluted, tainted water and throwing the bottle away one of three things happens. 1) The bottle gets recycled. Well actually only 14% of our water bottles get recycled and of that recycling program, 40% of those bottles get shipped overseas, mainly to china where they reuse the plastic to sell back to us in the form of some consumer goods. 2) The 80% that goes to the landfill either gets incinerated or buried. The incinerated bottles burn and release dioxins, co2’s and numerous other toxic vapors that head skyward, get stored in rain clouds, and then fall back down on us as acid rain. The buried bottles slowly reduce to little pieces after hundreds of years where they then get taken up by the plants and animals and enter into our food chain. The irony being that once that plastic bottle gets made, it never goes away. Rather it finds different ways to affect our health and well being.

Tap Water

The chlorine in your tap water is killing you.

Chlorine is a nurotoxin used very effectively in the first world war to kill soldiers. Today we use it in our tap water to disinfect it before we drink it. Chlorine reacts with other chemicals in the water to create Trihalomethanes or THM’s which are proven to cause cancer. Ironically, the amount of chlorine in our tap water is considered “unsafe” to swim in and yet we drink gallons of it everyday! Water facilities are now using something even stronger called chloramine which produces many more types of THM’s which, by the way, the environmental protection agency considers safe and acceptable.

Tap water in 42 states was found to contain 260 chemicals that kill.

In a two and a half year survey conducted by the EWG 260 chemicals were found in the nations tap water. 141 of these were un-regulated meaning that the EPA and the FDA have not even began to study what levels of these in our water are even tolerable. Of these un-regulated chemicals, 52 are linked to cancer, 41 to reproductive toxicity, and 16 to immune system damage. The 119 regulated chemicals are the ones we are already aware of such as rocket fuel, fertilizers and pesticides like DDT.

19.5 million americans ``fall ill``, every year from toxic tap water.

A staggering 19.5 million of us get sick each year and the cause is directly related to drinking tap water. Symptoms range from vomiting to flu like symptoms to diarrhea. The fact is that continued intake of polluted drinking water will only escalate poor health and a poor quality of life which could eventually cause cancers and death.

If the chemicals don't kill you the cysts will.

The EPA is “very concerned” about cysts in the tap water. Chemicals and toxins in the water will kill you slowly by building up in you organs and tissue. But cysts will kill you a lot quicker if you have a poor immune system. Cysts are parasites in very early stages of development that are resistant to disinfection processes at the treatment facilities.

Don't forget your medicine.

Most of us are unaware that the raw sewage is treated and this recycled water is used as tap water. All of the drugs and medicine taken by all the people end up remaining in our drinking water. Since there are no laws governing pharmaceuticals in our tap water and since only 28 of the nations 62 water treatment facilities screen for pharmaceuticals there is a one in six chance that you are one of the americans unfortunate enough to be receiving meds in your drinking water.