Drink Up Boosts


With 18 grams of protein per serving our collagen based protein provides all 21 essential and non essential amino acids making it a complete protein !

Unlike most other protein sources that are only partially digested after several hours, drink up’s protein is fully absorbed within 15 minutes of consumption, getting straight to work building muscle, repairing tissue and creating stronger skin and hair.

With Zero Sugar, Fats, Carbs, Gluten GMO’s, Lactose or Soy, it is the perfect protein supplement and tastes fantastic.


Sometimes even drinking the purest water gets boring, so why not try adding this thirst quenching delicious boost!

The loss of fluids and electrolytes can negatively impact performance and health.

With Drink Ups electrolyte boost you can replace them and feel the difference.!

Made with 72 minerals and trace minerals, from utahs great salt lake we are pleased to offer a full spectrum electrolyte blend!

Sweetened with zero calorie stevia this deliciouse blend has no sugar,fats or carbs.


Get ready to blast your energy levels into high gear with drink up’s energy boost.

A high powered herbal blend with potent levels of B Vitamins and Key Amino Acids make for a rocket powered lift any time of the day.

All the sugar and 95% of the calories have been eliminated so you can energize your body and mind without storing fat.

Amazing taste and performance are just a few sips away….drink up !


No more choking down pills …

All your daily required vitamins in one delicious drink.

Getting your vitamins in liquid form makes them 100% bio available and absorption takes place instantly.

So Drink Up your daily vitamins and feel the difference!