Healthy Beverage Station

Drink Up Healthy Beverage Station

Using our proprietary technology Drink Up Healthy beverage stations create water purer than any bottled brand on the shelves today .

Firstly, Municipal water is put through three natural carbon filters witch reduces the larger particulate in the water down to 5 micron.( A human Hair is 40 microns wide )

Next the water passes through 4 reverse osmosis membranes, each time recycling the water to reduce water wastage and further purifying the water to 0.0001 Micron before it passes to the next stage.


Our water is then “Vitalized” by a patented system creating water with a life force similar to that of mountain spring water. No other water in America is vitalized in this way and we are certain you will feel the difference between Vital water and “dead stale” bottled water.

Before dispensing our water passes through an Ultra violet chamber which kills 100% of any microscopic biological contaminants.

When the user fills their bottle the water is flash chilled to the perfect temperature and dispensed, Fresh chilled and vitalized… Just as nature intended.. Now Drink Up !