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The Problem

Consumers have 2 hydration choices at present

Drinking tap water which is chlorinated, tastes bad and is full of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals
Drinking bottled water, which also contains harmful chemicals leached from the plastic bottles, and is not only expensive monetarily, but environmentally.

In the USA Our present bottled water consumption creates 30 billion empty plastic water bottles a year, 80% of which go to landfills where it takes up to 1000 years for them to degrade.

Clearly, bottled water is not an option for the long term, given that oil from which plastic is made is a finite resource which we must conserve.

The Answer

Drink Up Offers a unique hydration choice to seamlessly replace bottled water at a fraction of the cost.

Drink Up’s Healthy beverage station act like individual bottling plants creating Fresh-ultra pure, perfectly chilled, Vitalized water without the need to ship truck bottle or trash Plastic bottles.

Drink Up’s Healthy beverage stations also offers the user the choice to add delicious tasting, healthy BOOSTS to nutritionally enhance their water if they choose.

Consumers will appreciate Clean fresh taste of Drink Up’s Fresh vital water over the stale “dead” taste of Bottled brands.They will also feel environmentally responsible by carrying their reusable water bottles a practice endorsed by a growing number of people. Our machines are Also convenient and easy to use due to the large LCD touch screen and cashless payment system.

What You Drink

Our Water is Vitalized not Stale & Dead

With their sleek state of the art appearance Drink Up Healthy Beverage stations have a one of a kind appearance and function!

The water is purified by a proprietary system that rids it of 100% of all known contaminants and impurities but we don’t stop there!

Before dispensing ,the water is VITALIZED by a patented process Giving the water a functional resonance or life force as found in water from rivers and streams.

Charitable Donation

We donate 10% of every sale to to Water.Org enabling people less fortunate than ourselves access to clean water and sanitation

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To help rid the planet of the 30 Billion plastic water Bottles going to landfill each year in the USA

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Drink Up Services

Drink Up is making sure that as one of our members you have a total support system in place making our state of the art and innovative hydration system user friendly!

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