Drink Up Site Benefits & Maintenance Plans

Drink Up is making sure that as one of our members you have a total support system in place making our state of the art and innovative healthy beverage system user friendly!

We give you effortless maintenance and great revenues all while supplying your clientele with the purest water and nutritional boosts for sale anywhere.

A select group of gym owners and colleges will pay nothing for these sleek healthy beverage stations. All installation and weekly service costs will be paid by us.

Drink Up then pays a substantial percentage of all sales generated by these healthy beverage stations directly to the site owner’s. Sales statements are generated and then provided for your convenience on a monthly basis.

Drink Up is an environmental and health style choice! As an added bonus and a concerted effort to educate your clientele on the benefits of the Drink Up system we will provide you free of charge with an onsite Drink Up water specialist for the first week after the installation of your healthy beverage station.

As a special Promotional Launch Drink Up will provide 5 free boosts to customers who create profiles and sign up. There will be additional bonuses of 150 stainless steel hydration bottles to other Drink Up members. One of the many benefits of having this state of the art Healthy Beverage Station is the strict maintenance schedule that Drink Up provides.

We make weekly visits to ensure that the water stations are running smoothly. If there should be a problem we guarantee to have it fixed within 24 hours… in the eventuality that a healthy beverage station should ever need replacing, this can be done with same day service. Drink Up can provide this kind of care because of locally based supply houses