Why Drink Our Water

Why Drink Up?

  • Drink Up to save yourself money.
  • Drink Up to help save our environment.
  • Drink Up to help us help others without clean water and sanitation.

Drink Up Quality

Drink Up water does not sit around for months in plastic bottles giving it that “dead taste” you find with plastic bottled water brands. Nor does it have plastic leached into it from a bottle.

Simply put, Drink Up’s water is 100% pure.

We then vitalize the water with some clever technology giving it the exact same structure as water from a mountain stream. Fresh, clean tasting and Vital.

We promise you will prefer the taste of Drink Up’s pure water over any bottled water on the market today.

Drink Up Boosts

Drink Up offers a choice of Three boosts which users may add to their water, ENERGY, ELECTROLYTES or PROTEIN.

Our Energy Boost is packed full of B vitamins and is in a Cranberry Grape flavor. Our ELECTROLYTE Boost contains over 72 minerals and trace minerals plus vitamin C and is a Kiwi Strawberry flavor. Our Protein Boost is a collagen based protein with the full spectrum of essential amino acids and is in a mixed berry flavor.

All of our boosts are sugar free and delicious.

Drink Up Pricing

Our pricing is more than competitive! While some bottled waters and sport drinks cost over $3.00 per bottle, Drink Up is favorably priced at under $1.00 per 750ml bottle.

Drink Up gives you a choice … be health wise, environmentally conscious, save money and enjoy great taste!

Make a difference and Drink Up!